Service Agreements

Service Agreements

At SubZero Heating and Air Conditioning, we understand the importance of keeping your HVAC system running smoothly all year round. That's why we offer comprehensive service agreements to our customers in Ohio. These agreements are designed to provide peace of mind and ensure that your heating and cooling system remains in top condition, saving you both time and money in the long run. Contact us today to learn more about our service agreements and how we can help you keep your home comfortable year-round.

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Tailored Residential HVAC Service Agreements For HVAC Preventative Maintenance

At SubZero Heating and Air Conditioning, HVAC preventative maintenance is key to keeping your home’s HVAC system running smoothly all year round. By investing in a residential service agreement, you ensure optimal performance and longevity of your heating, cooling, and indoor air quality systems. We offer comprehensive and customized service agreements designed to cater to your unique needs.

Key Benefits Of Our Residential Service Agreements

When you sign up for our HVAC maintenance plan, you can rest assured that your system will receive regular check-ups and tune-ups. Our trained technicians will thoroughly inspect and clean your system, reducing the risk of breakdowns and extending its lifespan. With our annual maintenance plan, you won't have to worry about unexpected and costly repairs. Our team will be proactive in detecting any potential issues and addressing them before they turn into major problems.

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Two Performance Tune-Ups Per Year:

Regular tune-ups help maximize efficiency, reduce monthly utility bills, and catch potential problems early, such as loose or burnt wires and Freon leaks.


Priority Service:

Our commitment to service agreement customers means we will have a technician at your door within 24 hours of calling our office (excluding holidays) in case of an emergency. You receive priority service over non-agreement clients.

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10% Off Replacement Parts and Labor:

Enjoy discounted rates on replacement parts and labor with your service agreement, saving you money with every call. Our fully-stocked repair trucks enable us to repair your HVAC system on the first visit in 99% of the cases.


Service Add-ons Available:

Get yearly HVAC preventative maintenance for humidifiers, air cleaners, and other HVAC accessories at an additional cost. Ensure all your systems are properly maintained with our comprehensive add-on services.

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12% Off Additional Systems:

Benefit from our bulk discount for properties with multiple HVAC systems. We’ll maintain all your systems while saving you money.

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The Benefits Of Investing In A Residential Service Agreement

Our Residential Service Agreement is the smart choice for homeowners looking to maximize the life expectancy of their HVAC systems. Along with all the benefits listed above, you receive regular check-ups to ensure your system can handle seasonal temperature fluctuations and continuously maintain a comfortable living environment.

What our customers are saying

5 stars

Excellent service he was quick and efficient.

"I have a new HVAC company now Sub Zero! Excellent service he was quick and efficient. I received a quote from Logan Services and it was $1800 more they saved me so much $$. Thanks Steve at Sub Zero!"

- Jon White

5 stars

Excellent company to work with

"Excellent company to work with. Very accommodating to my work schedule. Showed me the problems with my system that prior repair techs failed to address. In fact they corrected several poor workmanship issues and got the 15 year old system run like new. Will definitely use them again and recommend them to others."

- Chase Matthews

5 stars

Amazing service!

"Amazing service! Steve was at my residence on time and problem fixed in less than 1/2 hour."

- Todd Blair

Sign Up For Our Dependable Service Agreements Today

Take control of your home’s comfort and invest in a residential service agreement for HVAC preventative maintenance with SubZero Heating and Air Conditioning today. For more information about our service agreements or to sign up, call us at (937) 553-0331 or email us at Make the smart choice for your HVAC system and enjoy reliable comfort all year round.

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